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Cyberpunk 2020. GURPS. ShadowRun. Traveller.

Like most of you, we’ve played them all.

I mean, if we had to pick a favourite sci-fi/cyberpunk rpg at the point of a monofilament katana, it’d have to be Cyberpunk 2020… though that character generation system in Traveller is the GOAT. We’ve played and loved all of these and all of them are key influences in every mechanic, every feature, everything we’ve added, altered, or dropped over the ten years we’ve taken to create a game system that we love even more.

Hell, throw in DnD from advanced through to the 7th ed, Pathfinder, Deadlands, and (especially) Runequest in there as being key influences on the decades and decades of gaming experience that have gone into this game; on forming the DNA of not just the game, but ourselves as gamers… and all these games, all these experiences, campaigns, battles, conversations,criticals, rules-lawyering, laughter,arguments, graph paper, minis, supplement book after rule-breaking supplement book. All of it has gone into making what we know is one of the best, most complete and well-crafted sci-fi/cyberpunk roleplaying games you’ll ever adventure within.

We know it not just because we built it, but because we’ve played it, for ten years.

Come play it with us

The Kickstarter has reached it’s goal and ended. Thanks backers! We got to 135% of our goal!

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