Once Upon a Crime

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We have just completed the release of Once Upon a Crime, a new Dark Stars adventure set on Tharsis. We feature artwork by Derek Stevens. This is an introductory adventure for new characters. Work in the seedy underbelly of Tharsis to track down one of two heirs to a criminal syndicate.

Tharsis, that seething hive of freedom that beckons those from the Blocks to its glitzy Martian streets. Built on the red soil, using technology and grit this crater city has more to offer than just admission to the UNAF naval academy. Cindy has run away from her father. Search the mean streets for the heir apparent of the powerful Moran Syndicate. The licentious avenues will run red as the power of one syndicate is tested.

  • A Dark Stars starting adventure for 2-6.
  • Meet colourful characters. 
  • The criminal underground of Tharsis.

What Free Stuff Can I get and Where?

At Epiphany Entertainment we give a lot away, this product is on https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/358696/Once-Upon-a-Crime at DrivethruRPG, our store there has lots of items for easy download. We love adding content, currently we have 4 Dark Stars Scenarios in the works and one new Source Book corporations. Juding from the uptake of One Upon a Crime (which btw has a part two in the works) we will also probably create a Syndicates and Organisations hardback book.

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