Our Neighbour Titan


The planetoid of Titan; the mine of Blakes Gambit; has gone dark. Its last message a cryptic request for a new BIOS. Rapidly the weariness of the trek across the ice is replace with dread as your characters gets close in on their goal. Not all is as ought to be at Blakes Gambit; once a prosperous mining operation, now a sub zero dead husk, yet something is moving, the snowstorm is surrounding you. Nobody has gotten messages from the tenants for a considerable length of time.

Intrepid engineer Cloe has been sent by Crazy Bobs Unsafe Mechatronics to repair a malfunctioning robot the last log report from the base. In the meantime a gathering of unusual pariahs has come to research the base. Your characters are entrusted with settling the circumstance and helping Cloe in her central goal.


A Dark Stars Adventure for 2-6 Starting Characters

  • Meet colourful characters
  • Trek across the ice in a tracked ATV
  • Battle all number of enemies from Space Pirates to Mad Robots and Drones
  • Solve a Mystery, meet a friend and open the door to adventures on Titan

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Our Neighbour Titan is a Dark Stars Sceneario


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